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Soon you'll be able to connect your existing loyalty point programs and discover new point redemption capabilities, all while earning $DOMO cashback.

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Single Loyalty Platform

Aggregate your airline miles,
supermarket points,
everything with Metadomo

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New Point Redemption Capabilities

Merchants make special offers for your points,
even when travelling overseas


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Redeem merchant offers Get $DOMO cashback

Loyalty Mining

Top users get preferred pricing on $DOMO TGE*

*Select countries, subject to change


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Your best salespeople are in your community.

Use Loyalty Quests to create a clear path for user recognition. Turn users into supporters into all-star brand ambassadors.

Online to Offline

Metadomo can help sharpen your brand's competitive edge.

Studies show that brands using both online and offline channels create a more cohesive and memorable experience for their customers, resulting in higher brand loyalty.

Leverage our cross border
reward network

Starting with key locations in Asia, Metadomo is committed to providing a global loyalty experience.