In Store Redemption of NFT Memberships

Metadomo enables real world redemption and verification of NFTs in store on any point of sale system. (Token Gating, Loyalty Schemes, Phygitals and more)

Consumer Brands

Make your customers brand owners and advocates through memberships they can own, promote, grow and trade. Increase loyalty, incentivise and reward positive actions via tasks and quests in store, at events, via shopping carts, social and the Metaverse.

Wallet & Point of Sale Providers

Wallet providers add utility to your service by connecting to one API which allows the QR code redemption of NFT rewards for your users across a network of point of sales and e-commerce systems.

Gamers & Consumers

Consumers benefit from rewards, ownership in the brands they enjoy and a frictionless redemption experience available from any wallet to any point of sale system

Established Merchant Partnerships

Existing Brand Integrations

Through our partners, we’re already integrated into thousands of physical stores and popular consumer brand apps. Metadomo offers the last mile connection to in store point of sale systems allowing the redemption of QR code based NFT rewards.

Seamless Campaign Creation

Create new NFT collections or upgrade existing collections with new utilities and benefits and drop them to your community and users however you like


Upgrade your memberships and collections with utilities and benefits like limited edition merchandise, early access, discounts, special events and more.

Utility Redemption Engine

We’re partnering with point of sale platforms, e-commerce, ticketing systems and more to build an open decentralised network to allow cross chain validation and redemption of NFT utilities for the next generation of web3 commerce.

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