Metadomo works together with loyalty point providers and global merchants at physical POS-level integrations to provide a new MetaLoyalty experience to consumers.

Sign up to Metadomo and create your MetaLoyalty profile. This is exactly as it sounds - loyalty on loyalty. Connect your existing loyalty program accounts and aggregate your points in our Metadomo app.

Your points now have expanded utility through redemptions at our global merchant network. Every redemption made through Metadomo grants cashback and Experience Points (XP) on your MetaLoyalty Profile.
Earn more XP to get better Metadomo Rewards!

Your next vacation? Spend your local points on an overseas treat, scannable in-store.

Loyalty Point Providers

MetaLoyalty supercharges existing loyalty point programs by providing external incentives to loyalty customers through $DOMO, and increases loyalty point utility through our global merchant network.

Merchants and Retailers

Increase your in-store traffic through our Loyalty Marketplace, where you can partner up with Loyalty Point Providers. Deploy a Web3 native loyalty program through our Plug & Play builder. Fair playing field for all - SMEs and MNCs!


Metadomo is 'loyalty on loyalty' - earn $DOMO cashback on transactions through our app. Bring your points, show your loyalty with your favorite brands and maximize your earnings!


Existing Brand Network

Through our partners, we're already integrated into thousands of physical stores and popular consumer brand apps. Metadomo offers the last mile connection to in store point of sale systems allowing the redemption of QR code based rewards.

Earn through MetaLoyalty

Our MetaLoyalty is exactly what it sounds like - loyalty on loyalty. Bring and use your existing loyalty points through Metadomo and farm XP. Unlock higher tiers on your MetaLoyalty Profiles to earn higher cashback rates, longer decay times, and more!


Earn $DOMO on Metadomo spend
Spend $DOMO on future transactions

Our Cashback system rewards those who can play the loyalty game. Maximize your cashback through savvy shopping. Dormant cashback decays over time, shrinking the token supply.

Healthy tokenomics driven by real business activity.

Phased Launch

Metadomo's phased rollout approach is designed to leverage our loyalty reward solution and global merchant base for Web3 projects during Phase I, while building out the full LPP point solution for release in Phase II.

This approach enables Metadomo to gain an increasing client and user base in parallel with development.

Phase I: Projects & Fanclubs

  • ✅ Cross Border Merchant Network Integration
  • ✅ Rewards Station
  • ⚙️ MetaLoyalty Profiles

Phase II: Loyalty Point Providers

  • Loyalty Marketplace
  • Points Exchange
  • $DOMO Consumer Cashback
  • Data Earning

Phase III: Merchants (as LPPs)

  • Plug & Play Loyalty
  • Native Blockchain

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