Consumer Brands

Brands use the Metadomo Platform to manage utility NFT rewards that can be used within games, or distributed via any channel. Easy execution and empowering engagement with new demographics.

Game & Metaverse Publishers

Game Publishers benefit from the Metadomo Game Engine SDK and reward management platform, access to a marketplace of retailer rewards which are integrated to established real world payment systems via our partners.

Gamers & Consumers

Consumers benefit from rewards, ownership in the brands they enjoy and a frictionless redemption experience available from any wallet to any point of sale system

Established Merchant Partnerships

Existing Brand Integrations

Through our partners, we’re already integrated into thousands of physical stores and popular consumer brand apps. Metadomo offers the last mile connection to in store point of sale systems allowing the redemption of QR code based NFT rewards.

NFT Campaign Creation

Manage the creation of small to large NFT campaigns across your chain of choice

NFT Campaign Management

Manage NFT distribution via mail, social, games and the Metaverse through our API and SDK. Track and record redemption analytics

Whitelabel Wallet & Open Wallet SDK

Brand our white label NFT wallet as you see fit or leverage the wallet SDK to bake NFT redemption functionality into any wallet existing app or website.

Utility Redemption Engine

We’re partnering with point of sale platforms, e-commerce, ticketing systems and more to build an open decentralised network to allow cross chain validation and redemption of NFT utilities for the next generation of web3 commerce.

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Brands, POS systems, E-commerce platforms, Games and Wallets, leverage our NFT Reward tools and Utility Management Engine to bake NFT’s with custom utilities redeemable in store at events or online